Karen & Kurt 
Edgewood in St. Denis

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Welcome to Edgewood in St. Denis

Welcome to Edgewood in St. Denis. It is home to Kurt and Karen, our cat, Luca David, and our garden. Click on our front door to come inside and visit with us a while.

                      Building the Thomas Viaduct


The Thomas Viaduct Animation from PI.KL Studio on Vimeo.

The Thomas Viaduct is a stone arched bridge spanning across the Patapsco River and built between 1833 - 1835. Located in Elkridge and Relay, Maryland, the bridge saw its 175th anniversary 2010. To celebrate, The Friends of the Patapsco Valley wanted to create a 3D animation to illustrate the construction process of the bridge and to remember the structure as it was in the mid-1800s. The animation was produced by PI.KL Studio in Baltimore Maryland.



St. Denis & the History of Edgewood in St. Denis

The history of the Clark Family of Sampson & The Meadows


...Luca has gone out for a run in the state park...

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